Universal SCADA HMI from GE Digital, known for its high point count, scalability and suitability for high-reliability environments.

Trusted by the world’s largest manufacturers

As a proven automation platform, SCADA HMI – CIMPLICITY from GE Digital provides visualisation and control – from single machines to your plant locations around the world – improving decision making while protecting your installed base of equipment investments with its open and layered technology.

Based on decades of GE research and development, CIMPLICITY is used by many of the world’s largest manufacturers. It offers true client/server based visualisation and control that helps you manage your operations, perform supervisory automation and deliver reliable information to higher-level analytic applications.

With CIMPLICITY, operators and engineers have the power and secure-by-design technology to precisely monitor and control every aspect of their environment, equipment and resources. The results: faster response, reduced costs and increased profitability.

Real-time visibility for better decisions

CIMPLICITY allows your teams to make more informed decisions with real-time visibility – along with the ability to make system changes through its proven and robust control engine. Your teams can manage sections of a factory, a whole plant or multiple global locations - from anywhere, anytime!

Rich features for improved operations

With thousands of installations, CIMPLICITY offers one of the richest SCADA HMI feature sets available. As an example, the powerful Digital Graphic Replay (DGR) 2.2 add-on recorder lets your team go back in time and graphically analyse events that occurred in the past. CIMPLICITY delivers great value with a focus on ease of use for any manufacturing and process application.

Connectivity that drives results

GE’s I/O Drivers enable powerful data connections to your devices for control, data acquisition, and visualisation. Each I/O Driver is rigorously quality tested, in GE's labs, with partners and in the field, ensuring that your device connections will be reliable and fast.


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