AlarmWatch is an alarm system performance dashboard, for effective control of operations.


Improve SCADA alarm system performance, for effective control of operations.


AlarmWatch KPI Dashboard


Top 5 Reasons to use AlarmWatch

  1.  Pre-built, cost-effective, and ready-to-go solution.
  2.  Benchmark your entire SCADA alarm system performance, at install.1
  3.  Quickly identify 'Bad Actors' or nuisance alarms i.e. chattering alarms.
  4.  Reduce alarm floods and operator alarm load by 50% in less than 2 months.2
  5.  Improve overall performance, plant safety, compliance, productivity and profitability.
1. Requires existing alarm data available from AlarmWatch data collector. ISA 18.2 recommend at least 1 month of alarm data is required to assess alarm system performance. 
2. The timeframe and reduction on the number of alarms in your SCADA system will vary on a case by case basis. This statement is from an AlarmWatch customer.

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