iFIX Productivity Tools are a suite of enhancements for iFIX: to improve usability, reduce costs, and make operations easier, faster and more robust.

Productivity Tools  -  A suite of enhancements for iFIX

Top Reasons to use iFIX Productivity Tools

  1. Improve usability and user experience with off-the-shelf and consistent menu navigation, data list display, operation dialogs, tab displays and more.
  2. Empower your operations - New alarm management facilities, control facilities and a comprehensive events facility.
  3. Save development and deployment time.
  4. Reduce costs - less configuration work, abnd lower the cost of ongoing maintenance.
  5. It costs nothing - for customers with current GE Acceleration Plan (Global Care).

iFIX 5.9, 6.0 and 6.5 license ships with iFIX Productivity Tools included, installation follows the iFIX install.
Also available for iFIX versions 5.8, please contact your local GE Digital representative. 

Productivity Tools  -  A comprehensive suite of enhancements for iFIX

Stay up-to-date with Productivity Tools

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ABOVE: An example of the iFIX sample system with iFIX Productivity Tools applied. Note the new menu at the top has replaced the scripted navigation buttons; the operations dialog creates a consistent operator interface; and the list panel at the bottom enables quick access to point status, alarms and much more.

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