GE Digital has announced the upcoming release of iFIX 6.5. Scott Duhaime - GE iFIX Product Manager, spoke to New Zealand and Australian iFIX users on new features included in iFIX 6.5 on Wednesday 18 November.

What's new in iFIX 6.5

Whats new iFIX

GE Digital have announced the upcoming release of iFIX HMI/SCADA 6.5 in 2021.

GE Digital offers web-based build and configuration through a modern configuration UX, reducing costs and speeding time to value.

The iFIX v6.5 release, focuses on reducing development and deployment time and increasing productivity by;

  • Providing rapid application development tools to help build solutions faster with new object orientation and web-based configuration hub
  • High performance HMI application for demos and high performance graphics - available now for iFIX 6.1
  • Improved connectivity and integration with OPC UA server for iFIX
  • Quicker database import/export and tag creation
  • Enhanced performance and security features

Read more to understand what new features will be included in iFIX 6.5 or watch GE Digital's on-demand webinar.

If you have any questions on iFIX 6.5, how it could enhance your business operations or if you would like to watch the New Zealand webinar recording - please contact us.

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