We are excited to introduce AlarmWatch - Catapult's new alarm system performance software for iFIX by GE Digital.

Over the last few years Catapult Software has been dedicated to tackling the issue of Alarm Management, a problem that affects a broad range of SCADA users.

AlarmWatch is our new solution, launched end of 2020 in New Zealand and the USA.

It is a modern, alarm analytics dashboard designed for GE iFIX.

AlarmWatch enables Automation Managers to quickly understand their SCADA's alarm system 'health' or performance (including ISA 18.2 benchmarking). It displays up-to-date and accurate alarm analytics on GE iFIX alarms and events. The AlarmWatch dashboard clearly highlights problematic areas, so users can easily prioritise improvement initiatives. Meaning improvements can be made in a strategic and cost effective way, achieving the greatest impact and ROI.

It is a great starting point for any business that wants to realize the benefits of an effective alarm management system.

“AlarmWatch has saved me time and money, getting the result we needed using minimal engineering resources.” – AlarmWatch customer

AlarmWatch is an 'out of the box' solution for ISA 18.2 alarm system monitoring and reporting, and provides a strong foundation for a wider alarm management program. This solution provides owners immediate results* and has a low cost of ownership due to minimal (to none) training required and low ongoing service or maintenance costs.

"We reduced our chattering and alarm floods by over 50% in just a few months." – AlarmWatch customer

The team at Catapult would also like to say a big thank you to all those who have contributed to the development, testing and success of AlarmWatch.

AlarmWatch has received great feedback to date, including "It's very easy to use".

We look forward to sharing future developments with you. Please get in touch if you have any feedback or would like to discuss how AlarmWatch could help improve your business operations.

Thank you,

The Catapult Team

Ph | +6494899944     Email | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


What is the problem we are solving?

A common industry problem is that alarm systems have become ineffective – They no longer meet the needs of their current business operations or align with industry safety guidelines.

Often this is because alarm design and implementation were completed sometime a go, and the alarms points have grown organically without the right checks in place as the business has grown and infrastructure, systems or people have changed.

Consquences may include:

- Operators are inundated with ‘nuisance’ alarms (unecessary alarms which are often not triggered in the right circumstances) = reduced situational awarenes and responsiveness, operator stress, frustration or disengagement, overall reduced performance and productivity.

- Important alarms may be missed or ignored = increasing safety risks, decreased production yields or increased machine downtime.

- Lack of compliance with industry safety standards = compliance risk, issues with insurance, security and safety requirements.

- Ineffective alarm system that no longer reflects your business operations = reduced productivity.

What are the benefits of effective alarm management?

- Reduce operator alarm load and stress and improve performance, with an effective alarm system.

- Improve safety and reduce risk.

- Improve overall system performance, productivity and output.

How can AlarmWatch help?

To find out how AlarmWatch can help your operations, please visit https://www.catapultsoftware.com/products/alarm-watch.html

or contact our team for a demo or chat This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


*ISA 18.2 recommends collecting at least 4 weeks of alarm data to assess alarm system performance.

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