The Catapult Team with Jesse and Rob from GE Industrial Solutions

Catapult has been very pleased to host Jesse Mishko and Rob Patterson from the GE Industrial Solutions "Envisage" team. GE Proficy Envisage is a new solution for critical energy management in facilities that want reliable power availability and zero unplanned downtime. Catapult is working in partnership with GE Industrial Solutions to provide HMI SCADA technology for energy monitoring and control.   

Jesse and Rob travelled to Auckland to work directly with the Catapult development team. Their insight into customer requirements and feedback on implementation is helping to further streamline and enhance Catapult's integration with Envisage. Our development team has benefited greatly from Jesse and Rob's experience and knowledge. Thanks guys, it's been a pleasure to have you in New Zealand!

In the photo:

Back Row: Jesse Mishko (GEIS), Adrian Duigan, Tony Haresnape, David Ganley, Nathan Whittington, Jun Way Lee, Hyunjae Lee

Front Row: Rob Patterson (GEIS), Jean Kerr, Xavier Laxa, Paul Li 

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