iFIX Productivity Tools are a suite of enhancements for iFIX versions 5.8 and later. The upgrade is officially supported by GE Digital and available directly through GE Digital and GE Digital distributors worldwide.

Top 3 Reasons to Upgrade to iFIX Productivity Tools

  1. Saves deployment and maintenance costs by adding out-of-the-box solutions for common iFIX HMI requirements.
  2. Delivers consistency across the user interface, improving operations, automating housekeeping, reducing maintenance costs and ultimately extending system life.
  3. Adds new capabilities that promote operational excellence, simplify management, support regulatory and accountability reporting, and future-proofing of your existing investment.

ABOVE: An example of the iFIX sample system with iFIX Productivity Tools applied. Note the new menu at the top has replaced the scripted navigation buttons; the operations dialog creates a consistent operator interface; and the list panel at the bottom enables quick access to point status, alarms and much more.

Overview: Key Improvements

  • Intuitive navigation tools, easily configured and maintained without scripting
  • Enhanced Picture interaction with intuitive pan & zoom controls, multi-monitor support, multiple picture support on a single monitor
  • Consistent equipment control interface (Operator Dialog) for all device types, without programming
  • Universal equipment information containers (Tab Displays)
  • Robust and safe equipment control & lockout processes
  • Improved alarm management including enhanced acknowledgement, alarms list, alarm disable & reporting, dynamic alarm limit setting and reporting
  • Detailed and permanent event recording and reporting
  • High visibility warning indicators, pre-op warnings and operator notes system for safer operations

Key Benefits

Giving iFIX users the best possible work environment is just the beginning, Productivity Tools deliver bankable benefits for your business:

  • Lowers Cost of Ownership - Eliminates common maintenance jobs and accelerates others, saving you money, time and resources.
  • Improves Ease of Use - Becomes easier to use and learn, increasing the efficiency and productivity of your operators while reducing training requirements.
  • Facilitates Safer Operations - Distinctive new alerts, warnings and information displays, complemented by consistent operations and robust safety mechanisms that protect personnel, extend equipment life and help prevent unplanned downtime.
  • Enhances Operational Intelligence - Better operational information, enhanced information presentation, improved operational event recording, historical event analysis and reporting.
  • Extends the Life of your iFIX System - Delivering common HMI requirements with proven, ready-to-go solutions immediately improves the consistency and maintainability of your iFIX system. Removing dependence on custom scripts and programming enhances this housekeeping effect, helping restore system integrity, reducing maintenance requirements, facilitating future expansion, all adding years to your current system.

How to Get iFIX Productivity Tools

iFIX Productivity Tools is available for iFIX version 5.8 and later. It is included with every iFIX development license. GE iFIX customers with GlobalCare support are entitled to upgrade to iFIX Productivity Tools - no additional license fees are applied.  

Contact your local GE Digital / GE Intelligent Platforms distributor for details on GlobalCare renewals and access to iFIX Productivity Tools.

For iFIX versions 5.5 and earlier, please consider the Catapult Modules for iFIX options or iPower for GE iFIX which iFIX Productivity Tools is based on. 


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