Catapult Software provides leading-edge technology for control systems (SCADA/HMI) and power industry communications (DNP3). Since 1991, we have enabled electricity, water, oil & gas utilities, industrial and manufacturing clients around the world to improve the management of essential services and equipment. Our solutions save time, money and lives.

Today, Catapult Software is a key integration partner with General Electric. We provide extended functionality and enhanced solutions that optimize SCADA/HMI systems for GE Proficy FIX and GE Proficy Cimplicity.

Now, with increasing demand for safe and reliable building power management in mission critical, high availability (100 percent up-time) environments, our solutions are enabling hospitals, datacenters, airports and other organizations to reliably and securely operate their assets and operations, 24 hours a day.



  • Established 1991
  • Leaders in SCADA HMI and DNP3 communications technologies
  • Key solutions partner for GE Energy Management
  • Specialists in power industry control room SCADA, substation automation and critical power applications


Values Driven Business

Our long-term success is built on a set of values that govern our daily approach to business:

Heroic Customer Support - Supporting our customers is our first and highest priority. Our goal is to always exceed their expectations.

Responsibility to the Community - Our systems provide vital services to millions of people. This responsibility is both demanding and rewarding for Catapult staff.

Business with Integrity - The enduring trust of our customers is vital to the future of Catapult. Working with integrity is also a personal requirement for the lives of our people.

The Business is People - Catapult recognizes that people are the key to a great business. The business must nurture their growth and support their aspirations. Equally we must commit to the success of the business.


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Solutions That Save Time, Money, & Lives