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With proven innovation that drives results, GE iFIX is the smart choice for industrial automation. Used by thousands of organisations around the world, iFIX provides a robust SCADA engine, a rich set of connectivity options, open architecture, and highly scalable and distributed networking model. iFIX serves in diverse industries and is ideally suited for many applications - ranging from common HMI as simple as manual data entry and validation to very complex SCADA such as batch, filtration and distributed alarm management.

This best-in-class software also complies with industry standards, making it ideal as part of an IT-focused, real-time information management system. iFIX provides a window into your total operations cycle and enables faster, more intelligent control and visibility.

Taking SCADA to the next level

Building on a track record of success and continual enhancements, iFIX delivers open, flexible and scalable technology with superior HMI/SCADA capabilities. It includes impressive visualisation tools, the latest-generation mobility, a reliable control engine, and more! This award-winning supervisory monitoring and control software enables you to drive better analytics and leverage more reliability, flexibility and scalability across your enterprise.

Power of iFIX on embedded devices

iFIX Embedded delivers the power, scalability and flexibility of iFIX on an embedded operating system. With iFIX Embedded, your HMI/SCADA solution can utilise the wide array of next generation embedded-based devices while allowing you to adopt a consistent software platform at the machine, control room and enterprise levels.

Connectivity that drives results

GE’s I/O Drivers enable powerful data connections to your devices for control, data acquisition, and visualisation. Each I/O Driver is rigorously quality tested, in GE's labs, with partners and in the field, ensuring that your device connections will be reliable and fast.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Powerful Supervisory Monitoring and Control
  • True Client / Server Architecture for Easy Scalability
  • Enhanced security and accountability
  • Ease of Use for New and Experienced Users
  • Simplified application integration to Other Software, Systems and Devices
  • Powerful Thin Client Technologies
  • Sophisticated Alarming & Trending
  • OPC Client, Server, and Alarm & Events
  • Native Drivers and OPC Device Connectivity
  • Integration with Change Management

Webspace: iFIX Web and mobile device access

Speed response with real-time HMI/SCADA data and control over your iOS, Android device or browser with Proficy Webspace.

As an easy-to-use, full-featured web client, Proficy Webspace enables you to extend and enhance your new or existing HMI/SCADA or Plant Applications system (MES). It supports full control and visualisation capabilities over your company intranet or secure internet without the need to change or alter your software application and can be set up within minutes.

With Webspace, you can reduce costs, improve time to action, and expand analytic capability – driving sustainable advantages across all levels of your business, including management, operators, engineering and IT levels.

Webspace extends your application viewing and control abilities right into a web browser – without compromising features, graphics, or functionality. As an example, Webspace screens are ported instantly from an iFIX application requiring no interaction, conversion, alteration or additional development.


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