Water & Wastewater Overview

The Water & Wastewater industry is confronted by substantial challenges and regulatory requirements. In spite of ageing infrastructure and investment as well as a declining workforce the Water and Wastewater industry must meet increasing demands from customers and authorities. Factor in additional demands such as rapid population growth and increasing pollution, and you have an industry in dire need of technology solutions that enable you to meet these demands with fewer and fewer resources.

Catapult provides HMI/SCADA solutions that enable you to manage, monitor and control your operations with efficiency, reliability and precision.  Our market-leading solutions enable Water & Wastewater operators to integrate a wide range of water utility applications across various functions and legacy systems to create a modern, real-time operations environment and service all your requirements while reducing costs.

Catapult Solutions for Water & Wastewater

  • Connects to and centralises equipment operations - such as pump control, flow monitoring, tank monitoring and alarm management
  • Versatile, open manufacturer solution – integrates with most makes and models of equipment and works with most existing HMI systems
  • Historical and real-time reporting and data visualisation
  • Intelligently automates processes and monitors PLC operations
  • Ensures optimal operations and extends equipment life while optimising preventative maintenance tasks
  • Provides root cause forensic analysis required by stakeholders seeking technology assurances regarding the operation reliability and quality of services
  • Provides permanent records of facility events and  operator actions for security and administration accountability
  • Monitors, optimises and analyse assets to extend life
  • Easy to use, easy to configure

Water & Wastewater Resources

If you are looking for a management system for your water facility, please be sure to review the following recommended links:

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