1 July, 2016 - Catapult now official New Zealand Distributor for GE Digital

Catapult Software provides enhanced software solutions for HMI / SCADA applications. We service a range of industries including electricity generation, transmission & distribution, water & wastewater, oil & gas, and 24x7 critical energy operations such as hospitals, data centers and airports. We are a key integration partner with GE Digital, GE Grid Solutions and GE Industrial Solutions. Our products enhance and optimize GE Proficy systems.

Key Solutions

HMI SCADA for utilities and industrial automation

Critical Energy Management for 24/7 operations

Substation Management Systems for electrical substations

GE Partners

Catapult is a proud premier solution partner with GE Energy Management. Please register or login to access our secure partner zone.

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Video: SCADA Overview:

Catapult Software provides leading-edge technology for power industry control systems (HMI/SCADA) and remote equipment communications (DNP3). Since 1991, we have enabled electricity, water, oil & gas utilities, industrial and manufacturing clients around the world to improve the management of essential services and equipment.

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