Catapult DNP3 natively supports GE's iFIX and CIMPLICITY HMI SCADA systems (formerly Proficy iFIX and CIMPLICITY), and is a fully compliant OPC server. It provides master server communications to DNP3 slave devices. The DNP3 driver enables the secure transfer of data to and from field devices using the DNP 3.0 protocol. It will enable you to automatically connect, control and manage devices with SCADA systems such as iPower.

Key Features

General Specifications

  • Supports DNP3 Level 3 for both requests and responses
  • IP UDP & TCP
  • Serial (300-57600 baud), including flow control
  • Radio support including PTT control; pre & post-transmission delay setting
  • Configurable retries and timeouts
  • Sequence of Events
  • Report by exception
  • Supports DNP3 levels 1, 2, 3
  • Up to 200 channels & 1,000 devices
  • Supports fast recovery of SOE data after a comms failure

Devices & Channels

  • Separate configuration of devices and channels
  • Each device can be associated with one or more channels
  • Automatic failover when multiple channels available

Sequence of Events

  • SOE Level 3 time mode, supporting Local and UTC
  • Each and every SOE detected and written to the SOE log file, time stamped to 1msec using time captured by the I/O device
  • Includes time synchronisation

Momentary Change Detect

  • Momentary changes (e.g. closed> open>closed) can be latched between OPC read requests to allow the HMI to alarm momentary changes.
  • Momentary changes reported using time captured by the I/O device for display in the HMI alarm system.


  • "On the fly" configuration without requiring system restart


  • Separate SOE log file
  • Communications monitoring in configuration window and to file
  • Logging of raw binary data (data link) and decrypted data (application layer)
  • Comprehensive statistics for both devices and channels
  • All statistics available as standard HMI database tags

Catapult DNP3 Experience

With more than two decades of experience deploying DNP3-based communications, custom development and global sales of our own DNP 3.0 communications software, we can confidently backup our claims as DNP3 experts.

DNP3 is an important standard for SCADA communications in the power industry. However, despite its wide acceptance and use, DNP3 can be a challenge to implement. Many electric utilities do not want to employ and maintain DNP3 expertise in-house for the occasional times that DNP3 specialist skills are required.

This is where Catapult comes in. We implemented our first turn-key DNP3 based system in 1995, a time when the protocol was not widely used. Our engineers have been implementing systems using DNP3 communications continuously ever since (20 years and counting). We have experienced and solved all possible variations and combinations of serial, IP and the widest range of media, including radio.

Our DNP3 software is already used around the globe, broadening our expertise with the protocol even further.

Catapult provides DNP3 implementation, performance tuning and support services to anyone needing help with this protocol. Please contact us, or your local Catapult rep to discuss your DNP3 requirements.


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Product Documents

# Title Description Size
Brochure - Catapult-DNP3 Native Driver for Proficy - US Letter 1.21 MB
Brochure - Catapult DNP3 OPC Driver - US Letter PDF - Catapult DNP3 OPC driver brochure. A 2-page overview of DNP3 driver capabilities, ease of use and deployment considerations. 1.14 MB


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