iPower is a suite of enhancements for the industry leading GE CIMPLICITY SCADA HMI platform. iPower reinforces CIMPLICITY with robust, easy to use operations and project engineering tools that make CIMPLICITY an ideal solution for any industrial automation requirement.

iPower for CIMPLICITY is an open, standards-based solution that’s intuitive to configure and easy to own. It is vendor-agnostic; enabling it to manage a range of devices from a variety of manufacturers. iPower’s range of enhanced features for CIMPLICITY ultimately lowers the cost of ownership, while enabling you to quickly realise the return on your investment.

iPower is a solution for organisations in need of safe, efficient and reliable process automation. It enables centralised monitoring and management for distributed equipment, connecting to remote telemetry devices. It connects and communicates in real-time with all equipment and smart power devices in your facility and brings together display, control and reporting functions under one easy-to-use interface, providing a dynamic window into your operations.

Key Features

  • Menu & Navigation - easy to use navigation controls with intuitive customisable configuration.
  • Screen Interaction - advanced pan and zoom screen tools, multi-display and multi-screen arrangement functions that enable you to make operations more efficient with fewer resources.
  • Sequence of Events - high resolution, millisecond event recording and reporting for detailed fault investigation, production reporting and troubleshooting.
  • Accessible Reporting - permanent event recording with intuitive and accessible list reports cover chronological events, operator actions, alarms, disabled alarms, equipment state summary and much more.
  • Alarm Management - comprehensive alarm handling including dynamic changes to alarm limits, intuitive acknowledgement options, alarm disabling and reports such as the Disabled Alarms List help maintain system integrity.
  • Robust Control & Operations - control dialogs provide a consistent, universal operations interface with safe control steps and an inherent awareness of equipment state ensures that screens and real-world conditions are synchronised.
  • Database Management (dbArchitect) - essential project development tool which enables direct import of IEC-61850 SCL files for project development and database management.

Key Benefits

  • Faster time to solution with automated engineering tools.
  • Lowers Cost of Ownership with less maintenance and engineering effort.
  • Facilitates safer operations with tighter controls.
  • Improves ease of use with more intuitive interfaces.
  • Enhances operational intelligence by enabling you to better control data represented on screens.
  • Extended versatility for your CIMPLICITY system.
  • Enhances decision making by making operational data more accessible.
  • Increases productivity and accountability via tools such as Event Notes.
  • Greater operator acceptance, reduced configuration and training time with consistent, vendor agnostic HMI controls and familiar navigation.


dbArchitect is a tool for SCADA system engineers to automate and speed the production of GE iFIX and GE CIMPLICITY SCADA databases. Integrators and customers alike will benefit from this powerful tool that significantly speeds database production, while at the same time delivering clean, structured and consistent databases.

dbArchitect also provides intuitive visualisation of the iFIX or CIMPLICITY database structure. Users are able to see the database in a way that reflects the structure and organisation of their real world. Device location and function is self-explanatory and navigation is both intuitive and informative.


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Product Documents

# Title Description Size
ge-digitals-hmi-scada-with-ipower-brochure Official GE Digital brochure - 8 pages, Substation Automation, Utility Control Room SCADA and Power Management (landscape design) 1.10 MB
What's New - iPower for CIMPLICITY 9.5 (v1.0) Overview of new features and capabilities in iPower for CIMPLICITY 9.5. Available Q1 2017 186.30 KB
Brochure - iPower for CIMPLICITY 9.5 (2017-01-v0.55) Overview of iPower features, benefits and supported industry standards. 7 pages. 2.60 MB
What's New - iPower for CIMPLICITY 9.0 (v1.0) Overview description of new facilities in iPower for CIMPLICITY 9.0 (pdf). 519.13 KB
Brochure - iPower US Letter - Electric Utilities (2015-04-20e) PDF - 4 page iPower brochure. Electric Utility applications. 1.54 MB


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