Hospitals Overview

For hospitals and medical centres concerned with safe and dependable power delivery, Catapult provides a reliable, integrated management system that helps ensure high availability, maximum energy efficiency, the protection and management of essential equipment and identification of cost saving opportunities.

Virtually every piece of equipment in today's hospitals, from the bed in the patient's room to the MRI in the radiology department, is powered by electricity. As a result, your ability to provide the best possible care to your patients, protect your investment in technology, and avoid costly and potentially disastrous disruptions of service means that your electrical system must be robust, redundant and smart enough to ensure the steady flow of electric power.

Key Requirements

  • High availability, uptime reliability, power redundancy
  • Integration of disparate equipment systems from a variety of manufacturers: HVAC, power, water, security / CCTV, fire safety
  • Backup power management / redundant power availability / graceful start-up / shut-down
  • Energy cost reduction, energy efficiency, billing and cost allocation
  • System automation, load shedding, equipment power supply prioritisation
  • Incident alerting / handling
  • JCAHO Emergency Power Test reporting and standards compliance
  • Remote, mobile monitoring and control access
  • Power use analysis, optimisation
  • Power quality visualisation and analysis
  • Protect essential equipment and extend equipment life, reduce maintenance costs
  • Modular, extensible, scalable to support future needs
  • Ability to integrate with existing building management systems

Catapult Solutions for Hospitals

  • Connects to and centralises site management functions such as power generation, security, HVAC and water
  • Enables power usage cost allocation for departments
  • Helps lower energy costs and manages backup power delivery during electrical outages
  • Monitors and tracks power usage
  • Intelligently automates reliability of service tasks such as HVAC controls, UPS and backup power generation
  • Ensures optimal operations and extends equipment life while optimising preventative maintenance tasks
  • Provides root cause forensic analysis required by stakeholders seeking technology assurances regarding the operation reliability and quality of electricity supply
  • Provides permanent records of facility events and operator actions for security and administration accountability
  • Monitors, optimises and analyses assets to extend life

Hospital Resources

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