Transmission & Distribution SCADA HMI, SCADA communications and demand response experts, Catapult has specialised in real-time systems for T&D operations since 1991:

• Control room SCADA
• Substation SCADA
• SCADA Communications
• Integration of SCADA into T&D businesses
• Automated Demand Response including intelligent load prediction, inter- and intra-utility load control, plus fully automatic demand-side load control.

Catapult expertise encompasses all disciplines from software development through to systems implementation and support of mission critical systems.

Our customers are focused on delivering reliable energy services to their local communities within responsible commercial constraints. Our solutions are designed to reflect these goals. We embrace main-stream, commercially successful computer technology. We design open solutions that position our customers for whatever tomorrow may demand. We deploy reliable systems, which are cost-effectively maintained. Enduring relationships with our customers is testimony to our ability and our unwavering commitment to their success.

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