Industrial automation employs technology to control and manage different processes and machinery, augmenting and, in some places, replacing human intervention or management. It enables you to reduce costs, ensure quality, increase efficiency and minimise the potential for errors or inconsistencies in production.

Advantages of Automation Systems

Implementing or upgrading an industrial automation system can be a daunting and initially costly prospect. However, Catapult has the knowledge and experience to help you define your requirements and streamline the process, to help ensure you are quickly able to realise the full benefits of your new automation solution. This includes:

  • Improving Productivity: Automation enables you to achieve 24 hour a day production; maximising manufacturing potential and achieving the optimum utilisation of your assets. Automation also enables you to improve productivity without significantly increasing your labour costs. It may even help to increase productivity while reducing your labour costs.
  • Improving Accuracy, Consistency and Quality: Automation essentially removes the potential for human error. Automation systems don't get tired or distracted or key in one "0" too many or too few. Automation systems enable you to achieve levels of consistent, high quality production with accurate, measurable outputs.
  • Improving Data and Optimisation: With automated data collection, automation enables you to accurately track and report on key production information. This, in turn, can lead to reduced costs found through efficiency gains or in the reduction of product recalls from human error or inconsistent processes.
  • Increasing Flexibility: Automation systems make it easy to change recipes or production settings without having to change or re-train your staff.
  • Improved Safety: Automation can reduce the number of people involved in hazardous processes and reduce the potential for human error which might result in an accident.

Catapult Automation Experience

Catapult has extensive experience providing automation solutions across a range of industry requirements and applications. From factory automation to manufacturing, dairy process control, steel plants, pharmaceuticals and transport; Catapult has offered software products and services for control system integration, process control and automation projects for almost a quarter of a century.

These projects have included:

  • Dairy Production: Process automation systems, communications software
  • Factory Automation: Custom real-time monitoring and control software development, system deployment and maintenance
  • Steel Manufacturing: Some of the world's largest steel companies use Catapult automation products in sites in North America and Europe
  • Pharmaceutical: SCADA HMI navigation software

Our own real-time software products, software development services, system integration services and industrial computer hardware have been used in process control and factory automation projects. Add to that, our expertise with GE iFIX and GE CIMPLICITY control systems is unmatched: Catapult is a major software developer for GE HMI SCADA products, as well as an official GE Digital solution provider. GE is a recognised leader in automation systems.

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