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Catapult Announces New Office and New iPower Release
20 Jun 2014

What’s New in iPower
Catapult Software continues to enhance iPower SCADA/HMI to support new capabilities coming through from General Electric (GE). Our newest release provides new user interfaces and improved visual tools for SCADA operations.

New in iPower for GE Proficy iFIX 5.8:
Tab Displays – New equipment information screens, providing a consistent interface for complex devices
Alarms List – Improved alarm management (or display) and sorting
Automatic List Filtering – Self-configuring list sorting for locations and devices
Attributes – New high-visibility, compact yet precise device quality and attribute information

iPower for GE Proficy iFIX 5.8 is currently scheduled for release in late July, 2014.

Read more about what’s new in iPower for iFIX 5.8:
• Download >> What’s New – iPower for GE Proficy HMI/SCADA iFIX 5.8 (PDF)

Email us if you would like to know more about this release or request early access:

New Office
Catapult Software has relocated to new premises in Takapuna. After almost 15 years at 416 Lake Road, Takapuna, we have upgraded to new facilities in the former Telecom Tower located at 19 Como Street, Takapuna. The new Catapult office provides increased capacity for a growing engineering team while enhancing Catapult’s reputation as one of Auckland’s leading technology employers.

Physical Address:
Catapult Software Limited
Level 1, 19 Como Street
Takapuna 0622
New Zealand
Postal Address:
Catapult Software Limited
P.O. Box 33-885
Takapuna 0740
New Zealand

New Appointments
Catapult Software is pleased to announce the appointment of Adrian Duigan as Marketing & Sales Manager. Adrian brings 15 years of experience in product marketing roles with technology companies such as Navman New Zealand, Marshal Software and NetIQ. Adrian holds a Bachelor of Business Degree from the Auckland University of Technology (AUT). Adrian’s principal responsibilities include supporting the OEM partnership and marketing programs of GE products, and developing new market opportunities for Catapult products in building energy management and critical power applications.

PR Contact:
Adrian Duigan

Catapult's expansion continues
01 Nov 2011

With recent sales of iPower SCADA into Sri Lanka and United Arab Emirates, Catapult Software now has sold significant software products into 22 countries.

Catapult software now in 20 countries
28 Sep 2011

The sale of Catapult SCADA software, SRM (server redundancy software) and Catapult DNP 3.0 communications software into Central Africa this month sees Catapult products now sold into 20 countries around the world.  At the same time ongoing sales into established Catapult markets like the USA see Catapult continue to build its profile as a global supplier of automation and control software.

iPower SCADA now in Japan
25 Aug 2011

The first sale of iPower SCADA software into Japan was completed this month.  This lifts the total  number of countries where significant Catapult software products will be installed up to nineteen. 

Catapult welcomes Hennie Vorster!
14 Jul 2011

Hennie Vorster is the latest new recruit to Catapult’s Services team.  From working as an Air Traffic Control Coordinator, a Project Engineer in the automotive industry, Project Engineer in the airport baggage handling industry and as a Control and Automation Engineer in the process industry, Hennie brings a wealth of experience and a cool head to Catapult and we extend a warm welcome to him and his family!

Catapult products are now in 18 countries
25 May 2011

Sales and marketing efforts by GE Intelligent Platforms has been critical in the growing international success of Catapult's SCADA and other software products.  Sales in April alone saw successes in four new countries, bringing the total number of countries where our software will be installed to eighteen.

Geoff Bolton animates Catapult!
09 May 2011

Geoff Bolton has joined Catapult's software development team.  Geoff has a First Class Honours degree in Computer Science from the University of Otago.  His work experience includes advanced animation projects for Animation Research Limited, the high-profile company whose sport animation applications include America's Cup, Formula One, golf and cricket. Catapult extends a warm welcome to Geoff and his family, both to Catapult and to Auckland!

iPower's growing US presence
10 Mar 2011

Recent sales into Alaska, Indiana and New York state will see iPower installed in eighteen US States.  The recent success are largely due to the efforts of GE Intelligent Platforms and their network of system integrators.

Paul Garnham joins Catapult Sales
20 Jul 2010

We are delighted to announce that Paul Garnham is joining our team.  Paul has a rich background in automation and instrumentation and many years of technical sales experience, including SCADA system sales.  Paul's primary responsibility will be leading sales for Catapult Services group.  Catapult Services undertake a wide range of automation related services from small projects through to full-turn key projects.

Catapult introduces DNP 3 driver for OPC
31 Jul 2009

Catapult's new DNP driver provides master communications to DNP 3.0 slave devices. The driver operates as an industry standard OPC server for any control systems that support OPC.

“Our intention with this driver is simple: Provide the best quality DNP driver possible and back it up with exemplary support, ” says David Ganley, Engineering Manager at Catapult Software.

    A free trial version of DNP 3 is available for download on this website, all you need to do is register on the site (which is quick and easy to do).

    Read more about DNP 3 >>

    Download a free trial version >>


    GE Fanuc announces Agreement with Catapult
    14 Apr 2008

    iPower Aimed At Electrical Transmission and Distribution SCADA Applications

    GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms, a unit of GE Enterprise Solutions, announced today that it reached an agreement with Catapult Software Limited to globally resell their iPower product as a standard Proficy® HMI/SCADA - iFIX option.

    iPower delivers a unique value proposition for Electrical Transmission and Distribution SCADA applications. It combines the strength of Proficy HMI/SCADA - iFIX, with additional functionality including built-in object security, enhanced graphic capability, standard operator interfaces, alarm and event reporting and standard drag and drop electrical utility objects. The iPower option reduces customer development and maintenance costs while delivering an easier to use solution.

    “Using the combination of a standard off-the-shelf HMI package in combination with Catapult’s iPower allows utility operations to implement a true SCADA solution at lower cost point than the traditional SCADA suppliers,” said Marcel van Helten, GE Fanuc Intelligent Platform’s Global Industry Director for Infrastructure. “It clearly delivers better scalability and integration with additional functions.”

    “We have been delivering iPower for eight years to the electrical transmission and distribution industry,” said Tony Haresnape CEO of Catapult Software. “This agreement allows our combined customers to get a complete solution from a global supplier like GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms. As a part of the arrangement, we have ensured that our development efforts are coordinated and focused on delivering integrated value.”

    The Proficy iPower option will be available as a standard part to all GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms customers. iPower is currently successfully used in installations worldwide.


    Anaheim trade show a real success
    31 Mar 2008

    Catapult Software had a stand at the NRECA TechAdvantage Conference & Expo - held this year in Anaheim, CA during February. With over a thousand attendees, this is the largest and most important annual trade show for NRECA (National Rural Electric Co-operative Association) members across the US.

    Jonathan Clark, VP of Sales, noted that "a lot of utilities we spoke to with older SCADA systems were (unsurprisingly) no longer happy with them. They find the Unix-based systems difficult to use, expensive to maintain, with limited UNIX support expertise. One engineer actually said he could not plan to go on vacation, fearing the UNIX system would require attention!"

    Another interesting topic of conversation at the show was the enthusiasm about MultiSpeak as a rapidly emerging application standard for the US power industry.

    MultiSpeak is a software specification designed to help small electric utilities, such as electric cooperatives, automate their business processes and exchange data among software applications. MultiSpeak makes it easy for different utility software applications to integrate, such as Geographical Information Systems (GIS), Outage Management (OMS) and metering systems.


    A big thank you to our very supportive reps...

    Mark Fusick of CB Pacific in Oregon and Don Sadlon of GE Fanuc in California, who both helped field enquiries on the stand during the show - we couldn't do it without you!

    So overall TechAdvantage was a big success, generating many new contacts and some great leads.

    Visit the TechAdvantage website>>


    Not your father's SCADA
    14 Dec 2007

    Rural Electric Magazine Article by John Lowrey

    Improved Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) tools can help electric co-ops of all sizes successfully build a “smart grid”.

    Electric utilities have always offered just-in-time delivery. Flip a switch and the juice comes on—just in time. But electric co-ops today face increased pressures on this front—specifically, growing consumer demand for 100 percent service reliability.

    Fortunately, evolving Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) tools can help co-ops meet changing consumer expectations. SCADA systems are now more affordable, easier to integrate with other “smart grid” technology, and standards-based.

    Dakota Electric Association in Farmington, Minn., replaced an aging SCADA setup that presented interface difficulties with Windows-based iPower SCADA from Catapult Software. The iPower software combines with a control system called Proficy HMI/SCADA-iFIX from GE Fanuc .

    “Utilities are moving away from legacy systems that utilize proprietary UNIX platforms to Linux or Windows systems running on off-the-shelf computers.”

    “This provides more flexibility and allows easier use for smaller utilities that do not have an extensive IT staff. A Windows-based SCADA is immediately intuitive and familiar.”

    Tony Haresnape, president of Catapult Software

    Haresnape adds that a shift away from substation remote terminal units toward intelligent electronic devices (IEDs) creates simpler and more powerful SCADA configurations. Co-ops much smaller than Dakota Electric, which serves 95,000 members, can use this new type of SCADA to “put a toe in the water.”

    “They can start by installing a simple system that monitors one or two substations,” Haresnape suggests, “then expand it as comfort and expertise with SCADA grows. This new ‘open’ SCADA system also makes data widely available to staff across the enterprise and even to key co-op consumers in some cases. Data mining creates a whole new use for SCADA.”

    Five things you should know about advancements in SCADA technology:
    1. SCADA and advanced meter infrastructure are keystones of any smart grid.
    2. The latest generation of SCADA products offers more features, modularity, increased power, and lower cost.
    3. SCADA systems can now operate in real time, integrate previously stand-alone applications, and adapt as needs change.
    4. Service-based options allow electric co-ops to test drive the technology before investing in a full-blown system.
    5. SCADA-in-the-box systems can be a perfect fit for smaller electric co-ops.
    Read full article>>


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