Catapult iPower is a specialised suite of add-on functionality for electricity SCADA and energy management. iPower provides out-of-the-box solutions for common electricity HMI SCADA requirements and is used in more than 40 countries.

“Today’s launch of iPower 9.0 for CIMPLICITY is a major milestone for Catapult and our customers. iPower 9.0 includes a host of new features that build on core CIMPLICITY capabilities and tailor systems to the specialised needs of electrical distribution management. We are grateful to be able to work so closely with GE Intelligent Platforms as an official partner to deliver the best solutions possible for customers,” said Catapult Software CEO, Tony Haresnape.

iPower is Catapult Software’s flagship software product which first came to the market in the late 1990’s. Since 2008, Catapult Software has officially licensed iPower through GE Intelligent Platforms as an original equipment manufacturer and solution partner.

In addition to major database and data structure improvements introduced in CIMPLICITY 9.0, iPower adds new features for improved operations, including:

  1. Tab Displays – high information density, low clutter equipment information container that provides a consistent interface for complex devices
  2. Alarms List – improved alarm management and reporting interface
  3. Automatic List Filtering – self-configuring list sorting for locations and devices
  4. Attributes – high-visibility, compact indicators for device status and operator information

The versatility of iPower enhancements has also lead to OEM technology integration with two new GE solutions. GE Industrial Solutions has included iPower as part of its Envisage system for critical energy management in sites with high power availability requirements. Additionally, GE Digital Energy is launching PowerLink Connect based on iPower and CIMPLICITY 9.0 technologies.

“We are very proud that GE has chosen to incorporate Catapult iPower technology into Envisage and PowerLink Connect. These products are helping to open up exciting new markets for us and are already proving to be of great interest to both our existing customers looking to upgrade and new prospective sites that are looking to deploy the latest HMI SCADA platform,” explained Mr Haresnape.  

About Catapult Software:

Catapult Software provides leading-edge technology for control systems (SCADA/HMI) and power industry communications (DNP3). Since 1991, we have enabled electricity, water, oil & gas utilities, industrial and manufacturing clients around the world to improve the management of essential services and equipment. Our solutions save time, money and lives.

Today, Catapult Software is a key integration partner with General Electric. We provide extended functionality and enhanced solutions that optimise SCADA/HMI systems for GE Proficy FIX and GE Proficy CIMPLICITY.

Now, with increasing demand for safe and reliable building power management in mission critical, high availability (100 percent up-time) environments, our solutions are enabling hospitals, data centres, airports and other organisations to reliably and securely operate their assets and operations, 24 hours a day.

PR Contact:

Tony Haresnape, Sales Director - Catapult Software

Ph +64(9)4899944 | Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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