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We pride ourselves in delivering highly responsive and professional support to our customers. Almost all our customers use our products in mission critical, high-value applications. Their success depends upon our ability and commitment to maintain the reliability of their systems. We make sure the resources within our company continue to match our support requirements. We have a simple rule when allocating resources on a daily basis:

"Support work always comes first."
Tony Haresnape, President - Catapult Software

Support Management

Catapult has developed an on-line support management database. This is a powerful aid in helping us achieve ours goal of delivering high-quality support.

Structured Support Management by:

Regular Formal Reporting includes:

  • Customer
  • Supplier
  • Product
  • Fault Type
  • Priority
  • Current Status
  • Report on all work done for customer
  • Report problems resolved
  • Report issues outstanding
  • Indicate service performance

Customer Benefits

  • Fault resolution is efficient and reliable. We track every issue, nothing gets overlooked
  • Reports only leave the system when the customer confirms to us the issue is resolved
  • Customers always know what is happening, which enables better customer planning
  • We can provide customers with accurate records of all support we have carried out and status reports on all outstanding issues
  • Reliable fault management reduces the customers own system management costs
  • Automation of fault management reduces our support costs

Support Services

Support is typically provided under a formal Service Level Agreement (SLA) that defines our commitment to availability and response times. Standard SLAs typically provide unlimited phone, fax and email support during office hours. However standard SLAs are frequently tailored to the specific requirements of a customer. Services we can provide include:

  • 24 hours/seven day access to technical support
  • Dial-in online support
  • Guaranteed response times
  • “Holiday” backup - Short-term high-availability backup for periods of key staff absence
  • Preventative maintenance - Scheduled site visits to perform check-up, clean-up and backup

Latest News
Catapult Announces New Office and New iPower Release
Catapult Software continues to enhance iPower SCADA/HMI to support new capabilities coming through from General Electric (GE). Our newest release provides new user interfaces and improved visual tools for SCADA operations.

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