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Substation Automation

Smart IT solutions for SmartGrid deployment through the substation. Catapult provides smart SCADA, HMI and communications solutions for substation automation and substation management.

Catapult provides smart solutions for substation automation:

  • Substation management systems
  • Substation HMI
  • Substation communications

Catapult delivers open, standards-based substation solutions. We embrace main-stream, commercially successful computer technology. Catapult understands the technical, logistic and commercial requirements of deploying and maintaining IT solutions across multiple substations. Our solutions are designed from the ground up to ensure our customers maximise the benefits of substation automation. Catapult has two decades developing successful power-industry automation software. Our expertise and solutions help our customers navigate the demands of designing and deploying substation systems that deliver immediate benefits, while also positioning them to make unreasonable progress in this constantly evolving industry.

Please contact us, your local Catapult rep to discuss your substation automation requirements.

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