Catapult SCADA and automation solutions have been used by electricity generation, transmission and distribution companies, oil & gas, water & waste water utilities since the 1990s. Today our solutions are installed in 30+ countries across North and South America, Europe, Africa and Asia.


Catapult has provided HMI SCADA solutions for the electricity industry for over 20 years. Our expertise and understanding of requiements and solutions for the electricity industry is well proven. We have provided solutions in more than 20 countries with organizations large and small. Our track record of delivering robust, efficient and dependable HMI SCADA solutions is a key reason GE Energy Management have chosen to partner with Catapult to enhance the industry leading Proficy HMI SCADA systems: Cimplicity and iFIX.

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Oil & Gas

Catapult completed its first turn-key Oil & Gas SCADA system in the early 1990's. Our iPower SCADA system has recently been installed to monitor and control a major US gas pipeline. The obvious suitability of our SCADA system for this industry has proven potential and will ensure expansion of our involvement in the industry over the next few years.

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Water & Wastewater

Water utilities have deployed Catapult SCADA and communications solutions in a number or regions including Australia, China and New Zealand.

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Our expertise with GE Intelligent Platforms's Proficy iFIX and Proficy Cimplicity control systems is unmatched. Catapult is a major software developer for GE Proficy systems as well as an official GE Intelligent Platforms solution provider. This level of expertise in a product so widely used in this industry is a real benefit to our customers.

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