Retrieving and storing data from your devices is essential in todays manufacturing and industrial environments. But, what do you do with that data once you have it? Data analysis is about giving your organization real insight into the performance of your equipment and processes. Without effective data analysis, you are unable to grow and evolve your systems to achieve cost efficiencys and optimize your assets.

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Organizations that invest in digitizing operations are connecting more sensors to assets, creating more data and bringing other data types to build predictive models. This requires Big Data capabilities.

Data Analysis Solutions

GE Historian - Bringing islands of disparate data together and providing contextualized asset performance insights, Historian is the foundation to extend asset life expectancy and keep plants running at peak efficiency - uncovering cost reduction opportunities.

GE Historian Analysis - Historian Analysis is a web-based tool for trending and analysis of process data, alarms and events from GE Historian.

Dream Reports - Implement scheduled reports which are automatically generated with your stored criteria at intervals that you define or on-demand. Deliver reports directly to stakeholders in a range of formats including PDF, HTML and email.

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