Our consulting services are aimed at helping our customers make the most of their existing and planned technology investments. 
Consulting engagements generally take several forms as outlined below.

Health Checks

We provide Health Checks for your OT environment.  We will review your HMI/SCADA, your communications layer and underlying architecture.  We conduct a comprehensive review of your systems, documenting recommendations to optimise them. This gives great insight into the current state of your systems, their performance, viability, reliability and other risks, plus defined options for their improvement.

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Roadmap Planning

Based on an initial health check, we work with our clients to design and deliver short, medium and long term technology roadmaps for our clients. Taking into account our clients’ strategic objectives and limitations and/or timing of evolution of their IT environment, we can deliver a staged action plan.

Planning your OT evolution in line with IT policy, security protocols, minimisation of operational disruption and upskilling of your internal resources (as well as co-ordinating with scheduled plant shut-downs) is critical to avoid unplanned outages and unnecessary disruption.

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System Architecture

Many OT environments suffer from aging/obsolete hardware or architecture, inconsistent version/update management, outdated operating systems, obsolete software components and obscure/ineffective communications protocols.  The policies applied for Corporate IT rarely serve as well in OT environments.  

We work with our clients to help plan and design OT architectures that deliver the resilience and reliability required for critical systems, without sacrificing performance and security. Let us help you stay ahead of obsolescence, implement readily available efficiency gains and avoid unacceptable downtime.

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Cyber Security

The need to ensure your operational environment is protected from external threats has never been greater.  Malicious software like Wannacry and CrashOverride makes OT Security a top priority for many companies around the world.  Catapult, in partnership with local security experts, deliver a range of security consulting services to the NZ market.  This problem is not going away and precautions need to be taken to secure OT environments to avoid the often devastating consequences captured in headlines like these:

Ransomware 'here to stay', warns Google study
Crash Override: The Malware That Took Down a Power Grid
Ransomware attack hits firms in Ireland and continues to spread

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Data Analytics

Retrieving and storing operational data is routine in today’s operational systems.  But what do you do with that data once you have it?

Data analysis is about giving your organisation real insight into the performance of your equipment and processes. Without effective data analysis, you are unable to evolve your systems to achieve cost efficiencies and asset optimisation.

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