Alarm Notification for a Wide Variety of Devices

WIN-911 supports one or two-way email notifications for different security protocols to comply with control network security standards. SMS notifications support standards and modems used worldwide and character sets for all major spoken languages. WIN-911 also supports notifications via Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), as well as over fixed/analog lines; both as a backup should the internet go down, or for users that do not wish to use the internet for security reasons. Support for in-plant or wide area alphanumeric paging systems, marquee, plant announcement/PA systems, and most major web browsers.


Notification Options

  • Email - one-way only
  • Voice - supports Dialogic and USB modems
  • Mobile-911 Smart Phone App
  • SMS Text - supports serial based cellular modems
  • Alpha-Numeric Pager

Escalation Engine

  • Simple group-based alarm notification
  • Assign retries and delays to contacts
  • Alarm Acknowledgements control escalation

Notification Management

  • Simple notification schedules
  • Group-based start and repeat delays
  • Use ActiveX controls to manage groups

Personnel Management

  • Unlimited Contacts
  • Unlimited alarm groups


  • Common shift schedules provided
  • Use ActiveX controls to assign schedules


  • WIN-411 Text and Voice Reports
  • Request reports with any two-way notification method


  • Log events to daily text or monthly database file
  • View alarms in Alarm Log Manager
  • Annotate each alarm with notes


Reliable and Secure

Configure your WIN-911 system for redundancy. If one system goes down, the other remains operative. Control access with passwords and acknowledgement codes. Set up “watchdogs” and “heartbeats” to monitor both SCADA and WIN-911 software health.


The X-Tool family of Active X controls drops configuration modules into SCADA displays. This allows you to configure WIN-911 user profiles, schedules and notification methods.


Track and archive modifications to your WIN-911 configuration to meet 21 CFR 11 monitoring and audit requirements.


  • Reliability of alarm notification
  • Operational Efficiency
  • Alarm response time


  • Downtime and associated costs
  • The number of staff required


  • Personnel and public safety
  • Insight into common errors or maintenance requirements

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