PowerLink™ Connect is designed for electrical transmission and distribution organizations in need of versatile, robust and reliable substation HMI with real-time equipment data collection and display, standards-based communication and secure operator supervisory control.

PowerLink Connect connects and communicates with all equipment and smart power devices in your substation(s) and brings together monitoring, control and reporting functions under one easy-to-use interface. PowerLink Connect enables centralized monitoring and control for substation environments with high point count requirements. It provides a real-time window into your substation operations and enables secure supervisory control of connected devices.

PowerLink Connect is an open, standards-based SCADA solution that's intuitive to configure and easy to own. It's scalable from the smallest substation automation systems to complex computer networks in larger utility control rooms. With its intuitive operations and simplified maintenance, PowerLink Connect enables you to focus on core operational tasks for a sustainable advantage.

Key Features

  • Real-time, dynamic data collection and display
  • Remote and secure operator supervisory equipment control interface
  • High availability architecture
  • Scalable – add more device monitoring points as needed
  • Manufacturer agnostic (non-GE) equipment integration (supports a range of IED's)
  • Alarm & event management
  • Historical data storage, trending and reporting
  • Mobile / Web-enabled operations

Key Benefits

  • Reliable, secure and auditable operations
  • Enhanced operational decision making & safety
  • Increased productivity & accountability
  • Improved operations efficiency
  • Extended equipment life
  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Reduced configuration & training time
  • Reduced downtime & equipment maintenance


PowerLink Connect

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GE Grid Solutions' PowerLink Connect Product Page

You can view GE Grid Solutions' PowerLink Connect product page here.

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DNP3 for PowerLink Connect


                         Native DNP3 Driver

Native DNP3 Driver for PowerLink Connect

Training Videos


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How to Buy

PowerLink Connect is sold and supported worldwide by GE Grid Solutions and Alstom Grid. Please contact us for more information or contact your local GE Grid Solutions distributor.

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