Optimise OEE, production scheduling, and product quality

GE Plant Applications automates and integrates the information-related activities for managing production execution and performance optimisation holistically, helping you balance the trade-offs across the many competing priorities of production operations.

GE Plant Applications focuses on improving the utilisation of your manufacturing plant assets. It improves the quality of your products and makes production processes more agile. It integrates with your production and business management systems to help lower manufacturing costs while increasing productivity. 

Plant Apps covers four key optimisation cornerstones: Efficiency | Quality | Production | Batch Analysis

Key capabilities:

  • Efficiently manage and achieve peak performance with a unified, easy to configure "plant model" that automatically generates intelligent KPIs and monitors performance
  • Understand asset utilisation, uptime, speeds, yields of materials and other performance parameters
  • Track and monitor performance (downtime, waste, production counts, including overall equipment effectiveness (OEE))
  • Leverage product and process quality analysis and control, production schedule execution and product genealogy tracking and reporting
  • Improve product quality and consistency with batch trending, analysis and reporting
  • Leverage manufacturing intelligence with a single unifying view into your operational performance
  • Gain agility and dynamic production schedules with finite capacity scheduling

Plant Applications Performance Modules

Efficiency Management

Better utilise plant assets including people, equipment and materials through a comprehensive view of plant performance. Track downtime, waste, production counts and other production measures. Track and monitor overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). Associate real-time events with a specific cause/reason. Get more for lower production costs.

Quality Management

Product and process quality analysis and control.

  • Apply product specs and recipes to production.
  • Alarm against out-of-spec conditions.
  • Capture, summarise and analyse manufacturing and quality data in the context of production events such as batch, lot, item, serial number, time period and more.

Increase product and process quality to lower production waste, scrap and product recall cost. 

Production Management

Production schedule execution & product genealogy tracking.

  • Use a “scoreboard” to track production orders against scheduled completion time and then adjust routing and schedules based on actual production events.
  • Trace a product through every step of the manufacturing process and develop auditable reports.

Improve operational efficiency, cycle time and inventory management by gaining insight and control over real-time production operations. Generate more revenue by meeting customer demands and government regulations through product genealogy reports.

Batch Analysis

Batch Trending, Analysis and Reporting.

  • Compare cycle times, parameters, variables across batches
  • Trend, report and summarise batch data

Increase batch and batch process consistency to reduce variability and improve overall quality. Lower costs by increasing product quality and leverage existing systems infrastructure.

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