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iPower SCADA

iPower is a proven, reliable SCADA/HMI solution that's improving utilities operations globally. It is a powerful software solution designed for control room operations, substation automation and industrial automation that provides real-time data collection, database management, dynamic data display and secure operator supervisory control.

iPower enables safer operations and efficient network management. It is easy to use with intuitive operations and powerful customization options.

"iPower SCADA software offers full-featured, safe,reliable and affordable SCADA suitable for distribution cooperatives of any size.

 Randy Poulson, VP Engineering Services, Dakota Electric Association

Key Features
  • Secure operator supervisory control
  • Real-time data communication & dynamic data display
  • Proven, scalable control for thousands of connected I/O devices
  • Alarm, event, off-normal, sequence of events and momentary change detection
  • Equipment control tag, information tag, manual overwrite and control interlocking
  • Mobile device and widescreen high-definition display support
Key Benefits

Based on GE

GE Intelligent Platforms - Proficy HMI/SCADA - iFIX

Catapult iPower is an extension to Proficy Cimplicity and Proficy iFIX from GE Intelligent Platforms.  Proficy SCADA/HMI has been a market leader for 15+ years, and with thousands of systems installed around the globe.

With GE Intelligent Platforms' SCADA you get...

  • Great Windows Implementation
  • Expertise where ever you need it
  • Better quality AND lower price
  • Proven, robust, reliable SCADA software
  • Low Risk Technology
  • Low Risk Investment

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