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iPower SCADA

iPower for power system operations - a reliable and secure environment for monitoring, operating and managing electric power systems: Control rooms, substations, switchyards,and switchgear.  Optimized operational efficiency, packaged to minimize implementation and management costs.


"iPower SCADA software offers full-featured, safe,reliable and affordable SCADA suitable for distribution cooperatives of any size.

 Randy Poulson, VP Engineering Services, Dakota Electric Association

Catapult's iPower SCADA software is...

Easy to Use - Easy to Configure - Easy to Own - Based on GE

Easy to Use
iPower is designed with operational efficiency in mind.  Familiar and intuitive Windows environment,combined with consistent and clear interfaces, make iPower the operators choice for easy, safe and efficient operations in all environments.

  • Easy to Navigate
  • Easy to View
  • Easy to Operate


Easy to Configure
iPower’s automation tools accelerate system set-up and management, drastically reducing configuration, installation, commissioning and maintenance costs.  iPower delivers fast deployment plus lower ongoing costs.


Easy to Own
Intuitive operations, easy configuration and simplified maintenance... all reduce training and maintenance costs as well as the need for IT experts. Catapult iPower is the first to make it easy for utilities of all sizes to buy, install and maintain their own SCADA.


Based on GE

GE Intelligent Platforms - Proficy HMI/SCADA - iFIX

Catapult iPower is an extension to Proficy Cimplicity and Proficy iFIX from GE Intelligent Platforms.  Proficy SCADA/HMI has been a market leader for 15+ years, and with thousands of systems installed around the globe.

With GE Intelligent Platforms' SCADA you get...

  • Great Windows Implementation
  • Expertise where ever you need it
  • Better quality AND lower price
  • Proven, robust, reliable SCADA software
  • Low Risk Technology
  • Low Risk Investment

To find out more about iPower SCADA, register to view the videos, download the brochure or contact us


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