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Control for iFIX

An intuitive and safe control environment for *Proficy iFIX

Control option for iFIX adds a complete environment for efficient and safe operator control, making it the perfect enhancement to an iFIX system being used in operator-intensive SCADA applications.  Control does not require any programming or special configuration to deliver the following functionality:

Control Dialog: Click on a device to pop-up a control dialog that is specific to that type of device. The operator is presented with a clear and precise control interface.


Select Before Operate: reduces the chance of accidental control. The Operate button is only highlighted once a specific control command has been chosen.

Check Before Operate: prompts operators for a last check before issuing a control. This final check can be disabled for those wanting a faster control sequence.

Information Tag: a pre-control warning that operators can attach to a controllable device. The warning message is displayed to anyone before they can control the device. It displays who, when and why the tag was put in place.

Control Tag: more severe, it is a software lock, preventing the tagged device being controlled either by an operator or by background automation. As shown to the right, the tag records who, when and why the lock was put in place.


Simultaneous Control Interlocking: prevents multiple users on different computers from controlling the same device at the same time. Once the first operator opens the control dialog, other operators trying to do the same will be advised who has control of the device.

Control Timeout: prevents accidental lockout of a device. The control dialog automatically closes if idle for a customer-defined time, thereby releasing the device for control by other operators.

Alarm Control Failures: to alert operators that the controlled device did not reach the new expected state. The control fail alarm is raised after a customer-defined timeout period.

Suppress Alarms for Operator-Initiated Changes: to get rid of unwanted alarms generated in an iFIX system whenever an operator controls a device to a normally alarmed state.

Manual Overwrite: enables operators to enter known values into the SCADA system when a measured value is not available


Scan Control: provides the ability to turn scanning on /off for an individual point, directly from the control dialog.

Point Addressing: displays the tags address fields as defined in the Proficy iFIX database, directly in the control dialog.

Lists: provided to enable operators to view, sort, filter and report Control Tags, Information Tags, Manual Overwrites and Off-Scan points.

Point Permanence: ensures that Control Tags, Information Tags, Manual Overwrite, Off-Scan settings and even iFIX SIM(ulation) points retain


Control is available for Proficy iFIX version 4.5 and later.
*Proficy and iFIX are trademarks of GE Intelligent Platforms, Inc.

To find out more about Control, download the brochure or contact us.




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