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Pan & Zoom for iFIX

Create an intuitive and productive Proficy iFIX environment

Pan & Zoom adds an intuitive operator interface to *Proficy iFIX systems version 4.5 and later. Pan and zoom greatly enhances operational effectiveness, helps avoid information overload and provides a natural method to navigate the most complex of systems, all without losing easy access to all useful information.

A “zoomed-out” display provides an overview, only showing the most critical information. When operators see a problem they can zoom in on it, automatically revealing more detailed data. Intelligent use of zoom and layering can greatly enhance the operational effectiveness. Information overload is avoided, without losing easy access to all useful information.


Large and complex systems are easily navigated using an overview picture with layering. Sensible layering combined with picture linking produces a natural and effective method to navigate the most complex of systems.

Pan & Zoom with Automatic Clutter / Declutter

More detailed information is automatically displayed when an operator zooms into a picture. As they zoom out the reverse happens, automatically removing the “clutter” from their view. Panning enables operators to seamlessly transverse large pictures, or to move around when “zoomed in” to the detail on standard pictures.

Pan & Zoom Features

  • Zoom by dragging the mouse up/down the picture to zoom in/out....or...
  • Zoom by "rubber banding" over an area with the mouse
  • Pan in any direction by dragging the picture with the mouse
  • Navigate between pictures with hot buttons
  • "Full View" provides an immediate full zoom out

An intuitive Operator Interface, achieved with ease

Configure visibility layers for graphic objects in the library (iFIX dynamo). All instances of a device created using these dynamos will appear and disappear at the same zoom levels. Sensible use of dynamos with defined layering makes it easy to produce a highly consistent and very natural operator interface.


Pan & Zoom is available for Proficy iFIX version 4.5 and later.
*Proficy and iFIX are trademarks of GE Intelligent Platforms, Inc.

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