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Menu for iFIX

A complete navigation system for *Proficy iFIX

Menu is a navigation add-on available for Proficy iFIX version 4.5 and later.  Navigation using Menu is immediately intuitive to any Microsoft user, with familiar functions like “Back”, “Forward”, "Favorites” and “Home” as standard. Users can add navigation links to standard iFIX functions, for example Workspace configure, Database Manager and Mission Control. They can also include standard iFIX operations, for example alarm horn on/off, login and print picture. Menus can even be configured to run VBA scripts. On top of all of these functions, users can add navigation to any of the iFIX pictures in their system.

Menu even provides automatic picture inclusion, so new pictures can be immediately and automatically added into just the right place in the menu.


Menu provides common Windows and Internet navigation functions that are instantly familiar:
  • Back - Recalls previously displayed picture or pictures
  • Forward - Returns after using ‘Back’
  • Home - Displays your chosen home or start-up picture
  • Favorites - Lets each user add/organize quick access to their personal favorite displays

Standard iFIX functions supported by Menu

- Acknowledge picture
- Alarm horn toggle
- Alarm horn silence
- Close picture
- Database manager

- Exit workspace
- Login/Logout
- Mission control
- Operator message
- Open picture

- Open picture group
- Print picture
- Shutdown iPower
- Switch to configure
- VBA script

Active X Control

Menu is an ActiveX Control inserted into an iFIX picture during configure mode in the iFIX Workspace. The menu is delivered with useful default settings, but is easily configured without programming:


Multi-tier Menus

Any top level menu can have multiple levels of nested sub-menus:


Automatic Picture Insertion

You can configure Menu to automatically include any new pictures into the appropriate location in your menu structure. Different types of pictures can be easily directed into different menus or sub-menus, based simply on how you name them. It is easy to set up, 100% flexible and completely automatic.


Configure menus and sub-menus to trigger your VBA scripts.


Menu is available for Proficy iFIX version 4.5 and later.
*Proficy and iFIX are trademarks of GE Intelligent Platforms, Inc.

To find out more about Menu, download the brochure or contact us.


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