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Events for iFIX

Enhanced event services for Proficy iFIX

Events adds real-time and historical event recording to any *Proficy iFIX system, providing a permanent record of all iFIX alarms, non-alarm changes, operators actions and other activities in an iFIX system.  Events provides an operational tool for process monitoring and fault finding, plus delivers a permanent record of operations for regulatory and accountability purposes.

Events provides a comprehensive, long term record of operator and system activity, including:

  • Operator controls
  • Operator event messages
  • Changes to and from alarm conditions
  • Changes of state to and from non-alarm conditions
  • Sequence of Events (SOEs) timed stamped to 1ms
  • Apply or remove Control Tag or Information Tag
  • Apply or remove Manual Overwrite
  • Apply or remove Alarm Disable
  • Points that have been placed off or on scan
  • Notes that have been added to the system

Events List

One list to view both current and historical events, with seamless scrolling into recent history, or jump to earlier period using filters. The system retains daily event files on single or dual servers for as long as required. The Events list provides a complete view and report facility including:
  • Advanced multi-parameter FILTER facilities
  • Event sources field to highlight, sort or filter on Alarms, Sequence of events, Operator events and so on
  • Click and drag column sizing and column positioning
  • Double-click to enter a time & date stamped message into events

List Features

  • Add operator message into events list
  • Click and drag column sizing
  • Click and drag column positioning
  • Advanced multi-parameter FILTER facility
  • Seamless scroll over multiple days, or jump to earlier period using filters
  • User-defined file duration to optimize list performance

Sequence of Events (SOEs)

Finding the root cause of a fault in your plant is a critical step towards early restoration of normal operations. Standard events can be inadequate when multiple faults occur in quick succession. SOEs are special events time-stamped to 1 millisecond precision in some I/O devices (RTUs and PLCs). SOEs from across your network are sorted chronologically and displayed to operators within the Events list. SOEs provide a powerful tool to determine root cause of a fault and so undertake repairs quickly and effectively, minimizing plant downtime.  Note: SOEs require appropriate I/O devices and communications software.


Events is available for Proficy iFIX version 4.5 and later.
*Proficy and *iFIX are trademarks of GE Intelligent Platforms, Inc.

To find out more about Events, download the brochure or contact us.



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