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dbArchitect for iFIX

dbArchitect is a tool for SCADA system engineers to automate and speed the production of *Proficy iFIX SCADA databases. iFIX integrators and customers alike will benefit from this powerful tool that drastically speeds database production, while at the same time delivering clean, structured and consistent databases.

dbArchitect also provides intuitive visualization of the iFIX database structure. Users are able to see the database in a way that reflects the structure and organization of their real world. Device location and function is self-explanatory, and navigation is both intuitive and informative.

The dbArchitect user interface is integrated with the iFIX Database Manager, making it easy for users to visualize, create and maintain their iFIX database inside a single, natural user-interface experience.

Lower the cost of SCADA

Database configuration is a ‘big ticket’ item in SCADA installation. dbArchitect can dramatically improve SCADA implementation:

  • Faster database production
  • Fewer data entry errors
  • Less reworking delays
  • Shorter testing and commissioning
  • Fewer post commissioning errors

Improve SCADA quality

Database structure, accuracy and completeness is always visible with dbArchitect. Consistent naming improves the understanding of device location and function. Visible data organization facilitates understanding and operational awareness.

Lower maintenance costs

System visualization makes it easy to understand how and where to add new Blocks. Using templates ensures that future extensions are consistent with the existing system. This structured and automated approach minimizes administration and reduces dependence on key-man expertise.

Lower training costs

Structured visualization reflects the real world, and demonstrates the relationships between blocks. Compare this to understanding thousands of rows of individual blocks without visible organization. Naming new iFIX Blocks is largely automated. Relatively few templates are required for a system, Template selection is supported by user-defined names and descriptions. dbArchitect simplifies all aspects of database production.


Restore quality in existing systems

Incremental changes to installed systems, often by a variety of people, can degrade the consistency and quality of a SCADA implementation. dbArchitect visually displays any naming inconsistencies, facilitating easy correction of the database organization and the consistency of Block names. Cleaning up an existing system restores the value of the investment. dbArchitect is available for Proficy iFIX systems version 5.1 and later.

*Proficy and iFIX are Trademarks of GE Intelligent Platforms, Inc.

dbArchitect is developed by Catapult Software Limited, automation software developers since 1991 and developers of Proficy iFIX applications since 1999.

To find out more about dbArchitect, download the brochure or contact us.




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