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DNP3 Success Stories

Catapult DNP3 is installed across a range of electric utility and other SCADA applications. Our customers find Catapult DNP3 an easy and reliable way to connect to DNP3 compliant Remote Terminal Units (RTUs), Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDs) meters and relays. Catapult DNP3 has been tested with hardware from vendors such as ABB, Control Microsystems, Cooper Power Systems, Foxboro, GE Power Systems, Kingfisher, Novatech, Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories and others.


"The DNP3 driver is feature-rich and allows full control of poll types and poll timing. On a recent iPower SCADA project with a Colorado Utility, NovaTech applied the new DNP3 driver to communicate with Orion RTUs in three substations. We received excellent support from the team at Catapult Software on the final driver enhancements. "

Eric J. Mitchell
Manager, Utility Systems Engineering & Services

Wunderlich Malec

"We find Catapult DNP easy to configure and even easier to integrate into an existing SCADA application. Catapult DNP has saved us countless hours of custom integration for the Power industry. Catapult DNP is an easy and simple driver solution for the Power industry. The tools provided by Catapult make it one of the best SCADA system driver solutions. "

David Gillen
Manager Engineering

Wunderlich-Malec: Engineering, Systems, Services

City of Alcoa Utilities

"We would happily recommend Catapult DNP.  We have been using Catapult DNP since  2010 and we are 100% happy with its operation."

Steve Reynolds
Distribution Operations Engineer


Avista RealTime

"We have used Catapult DNP3 for several electric utility SCADA projects, plus facilities energy management projects. This driver is easy to configure and robust, we would recommend it to anyone."

Rod Nafisi
General Manager

Facility Management Systems

"We looked at DNP alternatives and chose Catapult because we liked the user interface and we know Catapult provide great support."

Andrew Curtis
SCADA Engineer


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