Building management systems (BMS) encompass a range of technology requirements for a variety of applications; such as education campuses, commercial office buildings, hotels and other types of facilities.

For building managers concerned with energy efficiency and reliable power delivery, Catapult provides a reliable, integrated management system that helps ensure high availability, maximizes energy efficiency, protects and manages essential equipment (on-site or mobile) and identifies energy saving opportunities.

Catapult also supports integrated systems management such as power, fire safety / EVAC, HVAC / ventilation systems, CCTV and building security.

Catapult Solutions for Building Management Requirements

  • High availability, uptime reliability, power redundancy
  • Integration of disparate equipment systems from a variety of manufacturers: HVAC, power, water, white space / IT equipment, security / CCTV, fire safety
  • Backup power management / redundant power availability / graceful start-up/shut-down
  • Energy cost reduction, energy efficiency, billing and cost allocation
  • System automation, load shedding, equipment power supply prioritization
  • Incident alerting / handling
  • Remote, mobile monitoring and control access
  • Power use analysis, optimization
  • Power quality visualization and analysis
  • Protect essential equipment and data
  • Extend equipment life, reduce maintenance costs
  • Modular, extensible, scalable to support future needs

Building Management Resources

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