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IED Configuration
With 18 years experience completing turn-key SCADA projects, Catapult has a wealth of experience configuring, programming, communicating with and of course debugging a broad range of RTUs, IEDs, PLCs and other I/O devices. Our experience is enhanced by our position as a “non-aligned” system integrator: Catapult does not promote a single brand of I/O device. This expertise is further enhanced because we are frequently installing new SCADA master stations that we need to integrate with a diversity of existing systems and equipment.

Devices that Catapult has in depth expertise with includes:

  • Foxboro SCD5200 & C50 RTUs
  • SCADAPack
  • Kingfisher PLC
  • GE Energy Services D25
  • Novatech Orion

Latest News
Catapult Announces New Office and New iPower Release
Catapult Software continues to enhance iPower SCADA/HMI to support new capabilities coming through from General Electric (GE). Our newest release provides new user interfaces and improved visual tools for SCADA operations.

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