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DNP3 Communications

With over ten years deploying DNP3-based communications, plus development and global sales of our own DNP3 3.0 communications software, Catapult are truly DNP3 experts.

DNP3 is certainly an important standard for SCADA communications in the power industry. However its wide acceptance and use does not mean it is easy to implement. Many electric utilities do not want or need to employ and maintain DNP3 expertise in-house for the occasional times this specialist skill is required.

That is where Catapult comes in. We implemented our first turn-key DNP3 based system in 1995, a time when the protocol was not widely used. Our engineers have been implementing systems using DNP3 communications continuously ever since. We have experienced and solved all possible variations and combinations of serial, IP and the widest range of media, including of course radio.

More recently Catapult has developed its own DNP3 communications software.  Our DNP3 software is already used around the globe, broadening our expertise with the protocol even further.

Catapult provides DNP3 implementation, performance tuning and support services to anyone needing help with this protocol. Please contact Catapult, or your local Catapult rep to discuss your DNP3 requirements with us.

Latest News
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