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Factory automation, manufacturing, dairy process control, steel plants, pharmaceuticals… …Catapult's automation software products and control system integration services have been widely used in process control and automation since 1993.

Our real-time software products, software development services, system integration services and industrial computer hardware have been used in process control and factory automation since 1993. Here are some examples of the diversity of products and services we have supplied:

Dairy Production:
Process automation systems, communications software
Factory Automation:
Custom real-time monitoring and control software development, system deployment and maintenance
Steel Manufacturing:
Some of the worlds largest steel companies use Catapult automation products in sites in North America and Europe
Pharmaceutical: SCADA HMI navigation software

Our expertise with GE Intelligent Platforms's Proficy iFIX control system is unmatched: Catapult is a major software developer for this product plus an official GE Intelligent Platforms Solution Provider. This level of expertise in a product so widely used in this industry is a real benefit to our customers.


Please contact us, or your local Catapult rep to discuss your automation requirements.

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